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5 years ago, franky. g

Local California news

I’m mainly interested in local California news and there is no specific segment within this app. that geographically specify locations within your news cast . Awaiting your response thank you Francisco Gallardo

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3 years ago, bestlife


I enjoy waking up early to read and listen all the news, thanks for your efforts to keep us up today with the news. Many blessings JRSUS IS COMING SOON- Are we ready?

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5 years ago, Emmanuel1cruz

Great improvements

I like catching up on news, but the old update was old and incompatible with newer iPhones. They now redesigned the whole app. Everything is much simpler and easy to follow.

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1 year ago, 0198756&$@";;)54


Noticias gives the news and nothing but the news without bias. It’s true journalism.

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6 years ago, WhistfulAlso

When need more complete news about The America’s. Estoy es.

Thanks moe

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6 years ago, yesid21

They don’t make updates

Im a univision fan but I have to say this app its too poor compare to univision Facebook or univision chanel. This app has a lot of things to do and changes they have to make!!!

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4 years ago, TokyTokykaka

Slow loading

After the last update, the home page it takes to lone to load, and most of the titles with those white letters on the pictures, you can read them.

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6 years ago, Stoopidnick

Every 60 seconds it moves me from what I’m reading

The homepage that has all the articles to scroll through, it moves to the center every 60 seconds. Thoroughly annoying.

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6 years ago, nmendez76

No updates

No updates and the only update that I seen since having the app messed up the way you look at the news. While you’re scrolling up to see what’s new something happens that’ll take you back to the first post. It’s annoying!!

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4 years ago, TjTheEpicOne

Univisión año

I don’t like your new set up and it’s hard to read the headlines when they are written in white and the background is white as well. I don’t like that you don’t have a choice of skipping the commercials, you make me watch something that I’m not interested.

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5 years ago, GustavoM19

Poor app quality

I don't know why most of the news you want to read the app sends to the Safari browser instead of reading within the app

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6 years ago, jr remodeling

To much advertisem*nt!!!

If I want to see a video of 25 second first I have to see advertisem*nts for 45-60 second, no make sense. If you do the math, 5 minutes of video -news- = 10 minutes of advertisem*nt. Not good for a busy person.

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6 years ago, RL Cabral


This site isn’t updated. You can find the same news for 3 days in a raw in the headline and some others important news are not even relevant for univision

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6 years ago, El Guero Mexicano

Noticias Univisión

Noticias Univisión are the Best . They are # 01 on News, Sports, Whether n Many More . I Recommend Noticias Univisión.

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5 years ago, srsood

Unwanted audio ads

Ads are fine, but an unwanted audio ad played while I was reading an article and my phone was in silent mode. If I can’t trust an app not to do that, I immediately uninstall them.

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5 years ago, El H.H


Too long comercial’s

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6 years ago, Jmelen007


Just like the Univision news team.. poor and does not seam to address important news.. it needs to be redesigned and improved! Truly, just taking space in the apple apps.. 😒

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6 years ago, Adri Gar

Excelente covertura. Siempre estan al dia

Mw encanta la app.

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6 years ago, Nelsonfc1

Univisión don’t keep feeding the website

Is the last one to put news online

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6 years ago, lalo@&$

No updates on the news

Since I did last update I been reading same news for 3 o 4 days

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6 years ago, antonio lopez de santa ana


To many advertising and the app doesn’t update often

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3 years ago, Dougcastel


The reading subject it never matches the videos ..! They came out with a totally diferente story

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5 years ago, David Rowland


The new version regularly crashes on my iPad Pro. Seems to be OK on my iPhone XS.

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4 years ago, very easy to place my order

This new update app

Is not as good as the previous it needs better update

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4 years ago, scorpio292929


This app was amazing before but now it’s getting bad and worst.. so frustrated!

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6 years ago, reader22222

Late news

We get the laters news with too much delay

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3 years ago, RockNDroller


Too many adds

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4 years ago, canelas mario

not worth it

full of comercials i cant even watch a video without having to watch a minute of comercials

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6 years ago, El chilango 72

don’t like it

they do not update the news,they are the same as in the morning

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6 years ago, grico 58906:

Reloads to much

Reloads every 10 seconds , repeats stories

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6 years ago, Angelito 1111

Too many commercials to watch a video

Tienen que pasar 2 comerciales para poder ver un video en noticias. Pérdida de tiempo

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5 years ago, Lucky_408

Not honest about Trump

Sad to see univision is using its power to diminished president Trump victory and accomplishments 👎🏻

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5 years ago, lsgrc


Adds ,adds, adds and adds

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5 years ago, Malacatoya

Extremely badly app

Not good at all

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12 years ago, usuariox1

Excellent app

great news coverage, user friendly and nice features. totally recommend it

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5 years ago, Rocaira7

Univision is fake news

Univision is fake

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8 years ago, jbradythompson

Good, needs a few tweaks

I like the design and layout. However, when I receive a notification and I tap on it, I want that story to open in the app. Sometimes I receive a notification, tap on it to open be app, then cannot find the story anywhere. It's very frustrating. Also, the graphics on the app are a little choppy and glitchy. Finally, would really enjoy being able to share articles anywhere I want to. I currently only have 4 options to share. Otherwise I like the app and content!

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8 years ago, Verbatim9

Removed dictionary access

The latest update makes this app completely unusable...the ability to select text, and therefore the ability to look up words in the iPhone's built-in dictionary was removed. It's no longer possible to read the articles unless you know 100% of the words used in the article in advance.

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12 years ago, hackerdiabolico

Tweet chat while you watch

Great app! It lets you check the shows twitter wall while you watch!

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9 years ago, gdeycaza1

Too much advertisem*nt!!

It was a very bad app, then it got better.... Now it's worse then before. One steps forward, two steps back. I'm reading a story, then the ridiculous-non-sense ads pop up, some thing that it's very frustrating. If this doesn't get fixed soon I will be deleting this app from my phone for good. FYI.... I've had this app for years.

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8 years ago, Walexxxis

Why does it switch to the Internet?

What's the point of having this app if it always redirects you to the Internet? It's pointless. It'd be so much better if all the news would stay on the all like every other news app. 2 stars.. needs improvement.

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12 years ago, Awoodw

Bad writing, spelling and grammar

I never rate apps but I had to. This is the worse Spanish written news I have ever read. The spelling and grammar mistakes are terrible...is like reading a different language. Please be more careful with how you write Spanish it is really outrageous what you are doing. It literally hurt my eyes to read your mistakes. Thanks

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12 years ago, abello69

Best way to get news in Spanish

Great design too.

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12 years ago, Francis Joseph C.


This tv station's news are not good at all and most of it (the news) is manipulated, altered and crap, not good. Besides all the social and cultural content on this station is hideous and based or supporting only or mostly a certain country which I will not stain my mouth mentioning. Actually revolting to watch or listen to.

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11 years ago, Jafanaka

Needs Updates

Nice, but needs Updates

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12 years ago, Sachass

Great app

I think its fast and to the point for news in spanish

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11 years ago, Santiago Gutiérrez

iPhone 5 Support.

You guys should make this application. Available for iPhone 5!

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12 years ago, Jorgeroska

Great but

Hey Listen!!!! This App is Great But it has to be update it once a month. To keep In Track With the News. !!!!! Thank You....

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11 years ago, Pacudo

No good

Every time Im watching some thing an advertising comes in and it froze the screen , this wont let me keep looking anything please fix it right away

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Univision Noticias encontrarás noticias actualizadas para la comunidad hispana en EE.UU. Entérate de todos los hechos que son noticia en torno a la política, economía, inmigración, negocios, deportes, finanzas, educación, entretenimiento, salud, música, entre otros. También puedes enterarte sobre las notas de opinión, del estado del clima, horóscopos y mucho más. Puedes elegir las noticias de tu ciudad: Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Dallas Fort Worth, El Paso, Fresno, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, McAllen, Miami, Nueva York, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Puerto Rico, Raleigh, Sacramento, San Antonio, San Diego y San Francisco. Ver los videos de tus programas de noticias favoritos: • Al Punto • Primer Impacto • Noticiero Univision • Aquí y Ahora • Crónicas de Sábado Recibir notificaciones de las noticias de última hora. Seleccionar tu signo zodiacal y leer tu horóscopo todos los días. Acerca de Nielsen Measurement Univision utiliza el software de medición patentado de Nielsen que le permitirá contribuir a la investigación de mercado, como los ratings de TV de Nielsen. Para obtener más información sobre los productos de medición digital de Nielsen y sus opciones con respecto a ellos, por favor visite: https://www.nielsen.com/es/es/legal/privacy-statement/digital-measurement/ para más información.

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