Accept payments for your business (2024)

You can use the Google Pay app to accept payments for your business. You will need to use an individual current account. Using this account, you can receive up to Rs. 50,000 per month with UPI with no fees. Beyond that, your bank might charge fees or add more requirements.

Note: For more ways to engage with your customers on Google Pay, we recommend that you express your interest in Google Pay for Business.

Transaction limits

Transaction limits are set by the NPCI, your bank, and sometimes by Google. Your transaction limits can change from day to day.

Taxes and fees

There are currently no fees to use Google Pay for commercial payments. It's up to you, the business owner, to collect and pay taxes such as sales tax, service tax, VAT or any other similar taxes or levies. Google is not responsible for collecting or paying any taxes related to your business.

Accept payments for your business (2024)


How can I accept payments for my business? ›

A business can accept money online with certain POS systems and through third-party processors, such as payment service providers (PSPs) or merchant service providers. They can assist with the various online payment options, such as bank transfers, ACH, credit cards and digital wallets.

How do you convince a customer to pay you? ›

Here are some of the most effective:
  1. Prepare a written payment agreement. ...
  2. Have stricter payment terms. ...
  3. Follow a regular payment schedule - that works for your customers. ...
  4. Ask for an upfront payment or deposit. ...
  5. Provide different payment methods. ...
  6. Accept direct debit payments. ...
  7. Send payment reminders regularly.
Nov 10, 2022

Do you think it's important to accept online payments for your business? ›

The bottom line. Although there are costs involved in accepting online payments, this service can be a major perk for your business. Not only is it more convenient for your customers, but it also can speed up your cash flow and ultimately help you build a healthier business.

How do you accept payments easily? ›

How to accept payments from customers on a website
  1. Identify your business needs. ...
  2. Choose a payment processor. ...
  3. Create an account with the payment processor. ...
  4. Integrate the payment processor into your website. ...
  5. Configure your payment settings. ...
  6. Test your payment system. ...
  7. Launch your payment system. ...
  8. Manage your transactions.
Aug 9, 2023

How to accept payments as an LLC? ›

Open a merchant account

For in-person transactions, you'll need to have a merchant services account if you don't already have one. Most banks offer in-house merchant services for business account holders to help them accept multiple forms of payment, keep track of sales and offer loyalty programs.

How to receive payments from clients? ›

Here are 7 easy contact-free ways to collect customer payments.
  1. Send Electronic Invoices. ...
  2. Add a “Pay Now” Button to Your Website. ...
  3. Accept Text2Pay Payments On-the-go. ...
  4. Schedule a Payment in Advance. ...
  5. Consider ACH Payments. ...
  6. Pre-authorize a Transaction. ...
  7. Promote Contactless Payments in Person.

How to convince your client to give you money? ›

How to get clients to pay their bills and invoices
  1. Establish payment expectations early. ...
  2. Determine the right person to send your invoice. ...
  3. Create a contract. ...
  4. Send reminders about upcoming invoices. ...
  5. Send invoices on time. ...
  6. Follow up with clients. ...
  7. Offer incentives for quick payment. ...
  8. Streamline your payment process.
Feb 12, 2024

How do you motivate a customer to pay? ›

Make sure your customers are well-prepped for payment time.
  1. Invoice your customers straight away, so that they can pay you. ...
  2. Maintain a positive relationship with your customers and in doing so, remind them with your actions that you are a real human and not just a faceless company.

How to convince a customer to make a payment sample? ›

[Customer's First Name], Your invoice [invoice number] with us is now [amount of days] overdue. In order to avoid any additional fees, pay your invoie as soon as possible. You can view and pay your invoice online at [link to website] or call [company phone number] if you have any questions.

How to accept large payments? ›

These options are easy, convenient, and seamless for you and your customers.
  1. Accept Credit Cards and Debit Cards Online. ...
  2. Accept Online Payments with eChecks and ACH. ...
  3. Look Into Mobile Payments, Which Continue to Grow. ...
  4. Provide an Online Payment Gateway. ...
  5. Add Click-to-Pay Email Invoicing. ...
  6. Schedule Recurring Billing.

What is the purpose of your business payments? ›

Business payments refer to the transactions and processes through which companies exchange money for goods, services, debts, or other financial obligations. Efficient and secure business payments are crucial for maintaining healthy cash flow, building vendor relationships and managing financial operations.

How to receive payments online for free? ›

You can usually accept payment online for free via ACH transfer, as long as the payer facilitates the transaction. Most banks let you accept an ACH transfer without fees. You can't avoid fees for credit card payments, but you could negate them by adding a surcharge for customers who pay with credit cards.

How to take payments for a small business? ›

6 Best Payment Methods for Small Businesses
  1. Direct Debit.
  2. Card payments.
  3. Digital Wallets.
  4. Cash & Cheques.
  5. Online payment gateways.
  6. Email invoices.

What is the most accepted method of payment? ›

Cards are still the most-used payment method, with American Express, Mastercard, Visa as large global card schemes. Even though they're recognized globally, other payment methods like online banking, direct debit, digital wallets, or Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) are more common elsewhere.

What are payment acceptance solutions? ›

Technology Used for Payment Acceptance

Various technologies, including credit card terminals and mobile payments, are now available for businesses to collect payments owing to the rise of electronic payments. Credit card machines are a popular option for businesses with a physical storefront.

Can I use Venmo to accept payments for my business? ›

After you've set up a Venmo business profile, you can start accepting payments for goods and services. Your customer must have a personal Venmo account.

How do I receive a business payment? ›

4 ways to accept online payments
  1. Online payment service provider. If you run a service-based business or sell products online, an online payment service provider might be the most common way you get paid by customers or clients. ...
  2. Bacs transfer. ...
  3. Mobile payments. ...
  4. Invoicing and billing.
May 7, 2024

How to receive money as a small business owner? ›

Accepting Payments from Customers
  1. Credit cards and debit cards.
  2. American Clearing House (ACH) payment processing.
  3. Recurring billing or subscriptions.
  4. Online payment devices and tools.
  5. Contactless payment.

Do I need a business bank account to accept payments? ›

If you want to accept any type of electronic payment – credit card, debit card, gift card – then you'll need both a merchant account and a business bank account. There are services that provide credit card payment processing without the need to apply for a separate merchant account.


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